Pont-Aven. Britany, France.

Find me a prettier village; this one has left me absolutely speechless. No wonder artists like Emile Bernard, Paul Gauguin, and Paul Sérusier spent so much time here.
Flowers spill from every bridge and window box, and the river sings a trickling lullaby. Today we lay under a Willow Tree, on an enormous, cool smooth rock in the middle of the river. Silver ribbons of water tickled our toes as we ran our fingers through the currant. No relaxation DVD comes close. Pack the gauche and a sketch book, and add this one to your bucket list .




La Rochelle, France

Exploring Ile de Re on the Bay of Biscay and the beautiful limestone lanes of La Rochelle’s old town, once home to the Knights of the Templar, Voltaire and Jean-Paul Sartre.



Kite surfers on the beaches of the Ile de Re

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