St Jean de Luz, France. 

 Typical Gâteau Basque

Note to self:

Eat-Kaiku, 17 Rue de la Republique. 

Drink-Egiategia white wine, a local Basque wine, aged beneath the bay of St Jean de Luz. Dry,zesty citrus notes with serious oceanic undertones- perfect with local grilled fish! 

Have you ever procrastinated about going for a walk during the fading hours of the day?

The last rays of sunlight on your face, the sound of the breeze blowing through fields of wheat and a canvas of spring colour. Aren’t we lucky nature doesn’t charge an entrance fee.

These were my rewards during an afternoon stroll through the countryside in Southern France today.



If you’ve missed your walk, this video of Mon Amie la rose by Francoise Hardy is almost as beautiful. It’s what I was listening to as I walked through the country lanes of Lass.

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