Fast Food—Russian style

Cveta, my Russian teacher recently put me onto Teremok.

This chain of fast, cheap and delicious blinni cafes seem to be as popular with the lunchtime crowd as they are with people looking for a quick and tasty snack on the run. They’re cooked to order in a matter of seconds using wooden paddles to spread the batter over huge hotplates, and the contents folded inside .

On Cveta’s recommendation, I ordered the salmon blinni with caviar and smetana on the side (sour cream). It was every bit as good as she described.

The drink of choice here is the house Cvas, a drink made by fermenting rye bread. Yes! I hear you—not the most appetising of ingredients, especially if you’re comparing it to bunches of hand picked grapes or field grown hops, but the result is a delicious and surprisingly refreshing drink that reminds me in some strange way of my national spread of choice—Vegemite. OK I’m not doing a great job selling it, but if you have a chance to try it, especially on a hot summers day (it’s sold on tap in many of the cities parks during the warmer months) do.



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