Pushkin Art Museum—Gauguin

Let’s just say that a trip to the Pushkin Gallery involves allot of silent Ohhh’s and Ahhhh’s.

I visited the other day with my cousin David. We seemed to find ourselves silently mouthing one OMG after the other as we made our way through each spectacular room . The collection is astounding, to put it mildly.

The museum was founded by professor Ivan Tsvetaev (father of the poet Marina Tsvetaeva).  It was financed primarily by millionaire and philanthropist Yury Nechaev-Maltsov and designed by architects Roman Klein and Vladimir Shukhov.

Although it opened with just a modest collection, the Soviet government added to the collection by transferring thousands of works from St Petersburg’s Hermitage Museum in 1918. More art was added when the entire collection of Western art from the Museum Roumjantsev was added too.

Impressionist and Post-Impressionist artwork, including works by Van GoghGauguinPicassoDufrénoy and Matisse, as well as Van Gogh’s “La Vigne Rouge,” were later added from the State museum of New Western Art.

The winters in Moscow might be long and cold, but with this treasure trove just down the road, they’re starting to feel allot less ominous.


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