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Summer gave Moscow one last lingering kiss today; blue skies, sunshine and 20 degrees, so it was once around the Kremlin for Spike and I.

I ran into a dazed and confused tourist on our walk. He was standing on a street corner, Eyewitness guide in hand and scratching his head. I smiled at him just to make sure and he smiled back (confirmation of a tourist)

I said “You look like you might need some help”.

He said ” Oh struth, you speak english? Geez its good timing you turned up”. He shrugged his shoulders and laughed “I’m bloody lost!”

We talked for a while and I helped him on his way. As he walked off he turned and thanked me again and without thinking I said “No worries”!

Oh it felt speak to speak Australian again!

St Basils

Heavenly music

One of the things I love most about Moscow is the cultural smorgasbord, just waiting for anyone who dare throw the ticket booth attendants at the city’s many theatre’s a few well rehearsed lines in Russian. For those who daren’t, you can get tickets online; they even deliver to your apartment, but when it comes to Moscow’s Conservatory of Music, I’m yet to find a way to buy tickets in english, (but I stand to be corrected).

We had family visiting last week, so I carefully rehearsed the necessary lines required to secure us 5 tickets to Friday night’s performance in the Grand Hall; The Moscow State Symphony Orchestra conducted by the fabulous Pavel Kogan; featuring Mozart’s Symphony № 41 “Jupiter” and Prokofiev’s Symphony № 4

I managed to get 5 seats for R300/seat (just under 10 Aussie dollars/seat) An absolute bargain given that the standard of these performances. Tickets ranged in price from R100 (just under $3.00 Aussie) to R3000 (just under $100.00 Aussie)

Mozart’s Symphony No 41 was, as you can imagine, sublime but the Prokofiev…the Prokofiev—now THAT was a performance I don’t think I’ll ever forget. A Russian composer, played by Russian musicians, directed by a Russian conductor; quite simply—electric!

When Prokofiev lived in Moscow, his apartment was in the building opposite ours. It’s really a privilege to eat your porridge in the morning, knowing you have shared the same view as this musical great. When we walked home after the performance, I wondered what symphonies or ballets he was humming as he walked that very same path.

We will never know, but his legacy is something we are all so lucky to enjoy—today, just as much as the day it was first played.

Moscow Conservatory of Music

Moscow Conservatory of Music



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