I used to be mysterious….

This story came to me via beautiful cousin David, who keeps me up to date with all that’s culturally cool and much much more.


It sheds some light on holiday friendships along with the cyber pitfalls of de-friending when the holiday is over, so to speak.

Thanks to Toby, most people don’t get a chance to get to know me beyond the 2009 Australian census details, minus our old NSW suburb of course – ” well you never tell them THAT cause of Stranger Danger!”.

He’s well known on the beach now. His usual opening line to anyone who’ll listen to him is ” I’m Toby. I’ve just turned 7 and my mum’s 42. That’s her over there. ” ( goodbye mystique).

My best holiday friends here are Russians; the ones who don’t speak a single word of English, who’s iPads have gone flat and are left floating like Helen Keller on a flimsy Google Translate-free raft in a sea of free flowing international communication. This is when the Resterant owner Amalia, leans over the balcony and asks me to translate their orders, which of course I always do, because despite appearing a bit grumpy and uptight, Russians always know how to repay a favor.

I might not be mysterious any more, but I rarely buy my own drinks after lunch when Im doing the ordering!

The Positano list

I’m a list person-I can’t help it.

Here’s a collection of my Positano lists, in case you ever need to borrow one!

To read:

A room with a view, E.M Forster

The Enchanted April, Elizabeth Von Arnim

The Agony and the Ecstasy, Irving Stone

Italian Food, Elizabeth David

The Wedding Officer, Anthony Capella

A passion of Artemisia, Susan Vreeland

To download, watch and channel all that is Italiano:

La Dolce Vita
The talented Mr Ripley
Cinema Paradiso
The Leopard
Bicycle thieves
Il Postino
8 1/2
A Roman Holiday

To listen to:

Well Dean Martin of course! We chose ‘Dino: The Essential Dean Martin’

And these are the bare essentials I’m attempting to squeeze into the suitcase to take home.

For the bathroom:

Nesti Dante soaps. My favorite is Fig and Almond Milk, but they’re all divine and beautifully packaged in Florentine paper (what else). Made in Florence since 1945, they slip inside a new pair of Italian loafers perfectly for the trip home!

Spuma Di Scampagna Masiglia soap. Nothing is quite as clean-smelling to me as this simple soap. The delicate scent comes from natural essential oils and its PH neutral, so its perfect for sensitive skin.

Marvis toothpaste. A true Italian classic, I discovered this toothpaste on my first trip to Europe and have loved it ever since. I don’t think you can beat the original mint flavor. .http://www.marvismint.com/

Roberts Rosewater. I stock up on this gorgeous triple distilled Rosewater every time I’m in Italy. Decant it into a little spray bottle and keep some in the fridge for a cool spritz every night before bed ( or any other time for that matter)

Carthusia perfume. I discovered this perfumery in Capri, but they also have a little store in Positano. I love Mediterraneano; it’s like sunshine and stripy blue & white beach umbrellas in a bottle; sophisticated, fresh, clean and citrusy.

For the pantry:

A bunch of local oregano
A string of chilies
A bottle of Marsala
A bottle of Lemoncello
A bottle of Nero d Avola wine- the perfect wine to enjoy with Spaghetti Puttanesca
A beautiful Amalfi lemon

Leone Pastilles. Packaging perfection- the box, the old fashioned paper wrap, the gold sticker! Flavors are made from essences, extracts and herbs. There’s too many to chose from, but I think every lady should have at least one box of Violetta in her handbag.

Rigoni Di Asiago organic apricot jam. This has to be the best apricot jam on the planet. Weve been through almost a jar a week. It’s perfect on toast with fresh ricotta!

For the wardrobe:

Canfora sandals from Capri. Jackie O’s sandal of choice, but definitely not at GFC prices. If however, you’re not on the Isle of Capri any time soon, they ship internationally! http://www.canfora.com/en/1-collection

Sandals from La Botteguccia da Giovanni, otherwise known as Moda Positano, Via T. Genoino; 39-089/ 811-824

Multiple colors of leather loafers from 3 Denari. It’s impossible to choose- especially after weeks of walking past them on the way to the beach every morning. Good news though -they take orders and ship internationally despite not having a website! Via del Saracino 8-10 (00 39 089 875062)

Beach cover-ups from Antica Sartoria. You cant pass this shop and not buy at least one. They take orders over the Internet. http://www.anticasartoriapositano.it/

Positano is full of ceramics. I have to admit, I’m not a great fan of the overly decorative styles, but I do love the beautiful white ceramics from Soso. https://www.facebook.com/pages/SOSO/189349637779124. Again, they take orders and ship worldwide.







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