Positano Pebble Portraits

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The children made these to give to each of the people we have come to know and love here in Positano.

From top left to right:

Arienzo Beach’s Mama- the lady responsible for delivering every incredible meal from a kitchen the size of a closet. Wife of Pepe and mother to Amalia and Antonio

Pepe, the chief of Arienzo beach. Beloved by all, especially Toby.

Adriano- boat driver, waiter and Toby’s idol. ” I want to be Adriano when I grow up” (Toby)

Amalia- Pepe’s daughter and front of house in the Arienzo beach resterant. She has a smile for everyone and is totally unflappable. The queen of grace and true hospitality.

Georgio- Amalia’s husband and chief barman. Like his wife, he’s completely cool under pressure and he makes a very fine macchiato too.

Antonio- son of Pepe and second boatman. A mini Pepe and a great rock diver with a brilliant smile.

Margarita- Arienzo veteran of 30 years. The most beautiful person you could ever wish to be seated next to on a beach.

Bennie- husband of Margarita and fellow Arienzo veteran of 30 years. The funniest, cuddliest and most lovable person you could wish to be seated beside on a beach, next to Margarita.

Maria Deloras- friend and babysitter. She also taught us to cook the BEST gnocchi, and Italian chocolate cake.

Maria’s beautiful husband Matteo, driver and all round good guy.

Marco, friend and guru for anything worth knowing in Positano and its surrounds. Also makes the the BEST pizza frittata on the planet.

Franco, one of our local grocers, known to romance Annabelle with a bouquet of basil. Also responsible for teaching Annabelle how to count in Italian.

Giovanni, our other grocer and source of local news, and a joke every day. Training Annabelle for shop duty next year.

Stair Masters


Louboutins, makeup and perfectly blow-dried hair are three things that don’t feature on the stairs of Positano for obvious reasons. Thank goodness.That’s why I’m here!

Here’s what happens when your legs have had just about all the steps they can face:

Almost home!


The essential Positano foot list:

Waterproof band aids

Antiseptic lotion or vodka, or both ( don’t drink the Betadine )

Nail scissors for post stubbed toe repairs

A great foot cream for soothing tired feet and taking the sting out of the inevitable sunburn that comes from hopping on hot beach pebbles.

I used to be mysterious….

This story came to me via beautiful cousin David, who keeps me up to date with all that’s culturally cool and much much more.


It sheds some light on holiday friendships along with the cyber pitfalls of de-friending when the holiday is over, so to speak.

Thanks to Toby, most people don’t get a chance to get to know me beyond the 2009 Australian census details, minus our old NSW suburb of course – ” well you never tell them THAT cause of Stranger Danger!”.

He’s well known on the beach now. His usual opening line to anyone who’ll listen to him is ” I’m Toby. I’ve just turned 7 and my mum’s 42. That’s her over there. ” ( goodbye mystique).

My best holiday friends here are Russians; the ones who don’t speak a single word of English, who’s iPads have gone flat and are left floating like Helen Keller on a flimsy Google Translate-free raft in a sea of free flowing international communication. This is when the Resterant owner Amalia, leans over the balcony and asks me to translate their orders, which of course I always do, because despite appearing a bit grumpy and uptight, Russians always know how to repay a favor.

I might not be mysterious any more, but I rarely buy my own drinks after lunch when Im doing the ordering!

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