Corsica’s legendary GR20 hike

Day 1 in Corsica and a taster of the GR20- considered to be one of the toughest hikes in Europe ( my knees would agree).

The whole trail is about 180 km long, although today, we did just a day trip segment of the Northern track, albeit damn near vertical.

The GR20 in its entirety, takes around 15 days and is usually considered as two parts: the northern part, between Calenzana and Vizzavona and the southern part, between Vizzavona and Conca.
In a word- Awesome! Sheer, craggy rock escarpments, moss carpeted emerald rainforests and monolithic waterfalls.
A must do, even if it’s just a wee portion of this grueling 15 day marathon.





The new and EU’d, Spikie Silm-wa

Since checking out of his Parisian Doggie Château a French citizen, Spikie Silm-wa set off on a European adventure. Here’s a few snapshots of his adventures in Aix en Provence with Mammon and Papa so far.




A day in Paris

These notes serve as little bread crumbs; reminders for next time.

A day on foot, 14 kilometers, starting and finishing in the 15th- wear comfortable shoes!

1. Breakfast in Jardin Champ de Mars, beneath the Eiffel Tower : Coffee, Poilane baguette, salted Beurre d’Isigny’ butter and jam.

2. The Jardin du Luxembourg, in the 6th. The former palace of Marie de’ Medici, widow of King Henry IV of France; the perfect place to stroll and catch some sun.

3.Morning coffee at Notre Dame Cathedral.

4.Lunch at Florence Khan in the heart of the Marais- thanks to a hot tip from my mother, we visited this great Jewish deli. Their pastrami sandwiches are SO delicious. They do all the favorites like Schmaltzherring, Gehakte fish, and pepper caviar. Leave room for some cheesecake!

5. My favorite home wares store in Paris- Merci. We bought a great pair of generic reading glasses for Jase by See Concept, and only €35!

6. A squirt of perfume to freshen up at Le Labo, St Germaine. Nothing beats their Bergamot!

7. Afternoon drink, just for Hemingway’s sake, and because we needed to sit out a thunderstorm, at Café de Flore. Don’t expect the need to leave a tip.

8. Dinner at the Auberge Bressane. Fantastic little traditional bistro; soufflés as light as air, great bistro classics and super service.





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