Corsica’s legendary GR20 hike

Day 1 in Corsica and a taster of the GR20- considered to be one of the toughest hikes in Europe ( my knees would agree).

The whole trail is about 180 km long, although today, we did just a day trip segment of the Northern track, albeit damn near vertical.

The GR20 in its entirety, takes around 15 days and is usually considered as two parts: the northern part, between Calenzana and Vizzavona and the southern part, between Vizzavona and Conca.
In a word- Awesome! Sheer, craggy rock escarpments, moss carpeted emerald rainforests and monolithic waterfalls.
A must do, even if it’s just a wee portion of this grueling 15 day marathon.





The new and EU’d, Spikie Silm-wa

Since checking out of his Parisian Doggie Château a French citizen, Spikie Silm-wa set off on a European adventure. Here’s a few snapshots of his adventures in Aix en Provence with Mammon and Papa so far.




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